Take Time to Read This (My comeback entry)

Where was I?
I got lost in a storm.
Storm that was full of emotions.
I fell in love.
I sacrificed a lot of things.
My “friends” turned their backs on me.
My family hated me,
that even I, eventually, hated myself as well.
But if there is something I learned and realized after my experience,
it is about not giving up on your life.
Life is really tough and time comes that you would fall on your knees.
If you fall, you have two options.
It is to get up immediately or rest.
If you choose to get up immediately,
be sure you wouldn’t burn yourself up.
Yes, it is good to be able to move on,
but if in exchange you’ll be sacrificing yourself and your happiness,
take time to reconsider.
Maybe you need to rest.
Rest as an option does not mean taking your own life.
It means you need to take time in fixing yourself.
Gather enough strength so you would be able to face the challenges you’ve left.
Rediscover yourself if you’ve lost it when you were trying to prove your worth to people.
Learn to love yourself first, before others.

Taking your own life is the worst option you’ll ever think of.
I tried.
I failed.
After experiencing a ranging storm for months,
little by little I started seeing light.
The storm became calm and sun came in.
Things did not return as they were before,
but I’m gratefully enjoying the sun,
tho there’s still storm.

Life is both storm and sunny.
You just need to learn to live in both sides.
Enjoy the Sun and Rain,
because that is when rainbow comes.
Rainbow is the gifts.
These are the people, the places and the music,
that you did not notice before that will bring happiness to you.

I’m Back.