Happy Fool

“If loving you makes me a fool,
then make me a devoted fool.

You won’t love me back,
I know you won’t.
I guess, this how our story goes.

I’ll spend my life chasing you.
‘Cause I’d rather die as a fool,
than to be wise and regretful.”



Ears closed.

“They say I’m fool, ’cause I’m in love with you.
They say I’m wasting my time with you.
They say my efforts won’t affect you.
They say my words won’t move you.

Regardless of what they say,
Regardless of what they see.
It won’t stop me from loving you.”


To Pretend Like A Fool.

“You are my friend.”

These words broke my heart.
Shattered, as if I’m a glass.
Lost, like a treasure,
never found.

My eyes went blurred,
an overflowing dam.
tears fell,
one by one.

I laughed and laughed,
pretended, I’m in joy.

Forgetting the pain
and smiling like a fool.

’cause I’m your friend
A friend,
’til the end.