The ONLY WAY to move on.

The only way to move on is to LET GO.

Yes, it will take time. It will take a month,months, or years to move. Don’t be afraid to take much time in fixing yourself because healing is the best and first thing you should do. At first, being single, after a long term relationship, makes you feel uncomfortable since you have that someone always with you to do things. Seeing the things you used to do and buy will make you remember that someone. The places where you hanged-out and enjoyed wasting time. The songs you used to listen and sing together. These things will make you remember everything about that someone. Cry if you must but for you to move on, you need to let go. There is NO such thing as “to forget”. Well, unless you have amnesia, you really can. Let go of the memories. Yes, at your first try, you will definitely remember the things but the more often you try and expose yourself to those things that makes you reminisce, the memories will sooner to fade.

Healing yourself is the only way to be able to love and be loved again. Always prioritize yourself.

PS. If a man does not respect you, he is automatically not THE ONE.


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