To My Friend who is Afraid To Love.

Dear Friend,

I’m afraid some fuck boy will come to your life and hurt you. If only I can select and filter out the good guys from the crowd, I would. If only I can interview and interrogation in every guy you talk to is possible, I would. If only I can save your heart from all the pain that love will cause, I would. As long as you haven’t found the best guy for you, I promise not to leave you. I will always be your friend no matter how moody you are. I’m going to make time and be sure I’m with you in every success and hardships you go through.

Yes. You’re a strong independent lady, with great mind and personality but you fear love so much that you’ve closed your doors. You avoid conversations, even small talks. You built walls to prevent guys entering your life. You’re afraid to fell in love to someone that might break your heart. I hope you learn and try to take chances the way you took chances in our friendship. My friend, you’re the most kind and softhearted person I’ve ever met. Please trust me. Someday, someone will be there and will break the boundaries and walls you’ve made. He will make you happy in every second of your life.He will love you more than I love you.

Hoping for the day you suddenly message me and say, “I found him!”


your snob friend.


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