Outside Comfort Zone v1.

It takes guts to step outside your comfort zone. Imagine, you’ll be doing things you haven’t done before or things you really find difficult. You’ll start questioning yourself why is everyone seems to be busy with their own adventure. Me, I really hate math and I curse it with all possible demons. I remember taking my Economics exam with no calculator because its freaking battery worn out that very moment. Tho that incident wasn’t my decision to step out because I was forceeeed to solve division of decimals!! I failed my exam having 6 over 20 but somehow I feel proud since I was able to solve and conquer my weakness tho its small hahaha gosh I hate math.

Going to back to stepping outside your comfort zone, it may take time but without knowing, you would see the growth in you. It’s not you who first sees your growth but its the people around you so don’t be afraid if you don’t recognize change. Be the person you wanted to be, may be you think its impossible but its not. It’s all in your mind, full of fears. If you’re always scared to try new and experience new, you will never grow and become better. Changer for the better. 



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