Waiting for the One.

Rose and Rosie. A lesbian. A bisexual. How lucky for them to find one another. Seeing them makes me believe that love is worth of all sacrifices and pain. The way they look on each other’s eyes, it shows their heart’s overflowing with love. They both seem so happy and excited together. Every time I see their videos in Snapchat and Youtube, I start to wonder whether I’ve already met the one, my soulmate. Happy for those who already have theirs or already did exchange of phone numbers. Rose and Rosie are my reasons why I should keep my patience long because they did not rush life and waited to find one another. Sometimes, I ask myself, what if. what if I stop being a lady and become a “guy”? But I know I should’t and someday, someone’s going to make me feel contented and complete. I’m just afraid that I’m too random that people find it hard to grasp my personality. I hope my soulmate is just busy drinking coffee or riding a bike or doing fishing by the shore. But where can you possibly be?

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